Corporate Offices

Corporate headquarters and manufacturing facilities for companies is often dynamic and is always unique to each organization’s history, status and future image. We believe it is our job to understand and reflect each corporate client’s values and culture in its facility solutions.

To meet the dramatic growth and success at Industrial Scientific Corporation, new office space expanded its corporate offices for more than 160 employees. The new offices moved administration, sales, service, marketing, systems administration, software development, engineering and finance to the new location. The design includes a mix of private offices, open landscape office space, and research and testing lab. Read More

The organization and relationships of spaces relate to the needs of individual departments and the manners in which they interact. Within each department are collaborative spaces and meeting rooms that facilitate ISC’s methods for creative team work sessions.

An emphasis was placed on the selection of furniture and furniture systems that could be flexible to accommodate further growth. The layout and furniture solutions allow natural light to penetrate well into the interior spaces and offer most employees a view of the outdoors from their workspace.

The cafeteria provides an important amenity for employees while doubling as a large group meeting space.

The design and construction elements for ISC’s new offices were closely coordinated with our client and the contractor to accelerate the project and meet an aggressive schedule.

Industrial Scientific Corporation had operated its renowned worldwide high-tech operation from its Pittsburgh headquarters that were designed by VEBH Architects more than 20 years prior to this relocation.