Family Life Center

A parish center is more than a gathering and meeting place for a Church community. Its design serves as an organizational tool for a parish’s many ministries and outreach programs and to provide a place for parishioners to grow together as a community.

The Family Life Center for St. Thomas More Church is primarily contained on the upper level of its Family Life and Education Center. The architecture of the ‘Family Life’ portion of the building mirrors the Church at an appropriately smaller scale, on both the building’s interior as well as its exterior. The soaring space of the Center is an extension of the Church’s worship space through its geometry, the selection of finishes and inclusion of backlit faceted glass wall. Read More

An interior corridor connects the Church with the Family Life Center to provide easy circulation between the Church and the Center after Sunday services. The primary gathering space also accesses two smaller meeting rooms and a parish library. Other appropriate adjacencies for the Family Life Center were created to allow it to share kitchen and food service areas with the Education Center.

Distinct, separate and secure entrances are provided for the Family Life Center to provide a separation from the school. A multi-purpose recreation portion of the new building is shared by the Family Life Center and the school.