Church Interiors

Participation in the architectural design for a church worship space is perhaps the most personal effort undertaken by an individual, short of a design for their own home. For our firm, working with a parish community to build a consensus for the re-design and renovation of its worship space offers unique opportunities and distinctive rewards in the form of universal praise and acceptance of the beauty of the finished space.

The goals for the renovation of St. Thomas More Church included the creation of a warmer, more intimate feeling within the large original space built in the 1960’s. Our design included a new Sanctuary platform that was positioned closer to the congregation with an ornately carved wood reredos to create a beautiful backdrop for the altar and to separate the Sanctuary from a small Eucharistic chapel. Read More

Dramatic structural elements were integrated into the ceiling to break up the main space and to create a more human scale. The selection of interior finishes, including the linear red oak ceiling and tile flooring, was made not only for aesthetics, but the acoustic qualities they add to the space. With the assistance of an acoustical engineer the ‘liveliness’ of the interior was tailored to fit the voice and music components of the Church services.

Warm colors, sculpture and glass elements are highlighted by a carefully designed lighting scheme equipped with a programmable dimming system.