Preserving a community landmark and transforming it into a modern athletic facility that serves today’s needs for accommodating multiple sports requires creative problem solving. It requires a design effort that sees through an accumulation of maintenance issues to see the value of solid building components that were intended to last.  Video

The renovation of Keystone Oaks Dormont Memorial Stadium added new life to a half-century old facility. The field was widened to accommodate soccer play and the surface was replaced with a synthetic turf. The home bleachers were refurbished and altered to provide accessible seating. The visitor side bleachers were replaced and relocated to accommodate the wider field. Read More

Under the home bleachers, the renovation of the fieldhouse and locker rooms preserved durable ceramic tiled walls and added fan friendly improvements to restrooms and concession areas. The project included new, less congested pedestrian circulation patterns and a perimeter road around the stadium to improve access and parking.