Master Planning

A carefully defined Master Plan outlines a path for a campus to grow and to better serve students.  It provides the tools to identify and prioritize short-term and long-term goals in a manner that accounts for an institution’s educational program and reflects its core values.

The Master Plan for Vincentian Academy identifies and depicts long term and short term solutions for improving the 20 acre educational campus in the North Hills of Pittsburgh.  The Academy’s “Planning for our Future” initiative developed conceptual plans that focused on what the Academy had identified as its three A’s – Academics, Arts, and Athletics with the school’s Christian values and worship activities serving as a common thread through the three areas. Read More

The Plan supports and strengthens the world-class educational program offered by Vincentian and defines a more organized and connected campus environment.  The major components identified in the final Plan include a classroom addition, an auditorium, and a new athletics building.   Each building component was illustrated with detailed three-dimensional graphics that were refined and detailed as decisions narrowed the Academy’s options.   Concepts for better access and improved circulation for the campus, additional parking, and a connection with the school’s stadium and athletic fields were also developed and illustrated in the Master Plan.

View the full presentation here.

The Plan was developed with the involvement of a variety of stakeholders including the Academy’s administration, staff and trustees.  A parental steering committee was instrumental in the planning process to add an important perspective and to assist in prioritizing the improvements.