Residence Hall

Campuses of higher learning, depending on the institution, are homes to a range of students. For institutions serving students who are predominately on a post-graduate level, housing facilities take on different requirements from those at a typical college campus.

The Pittsburgh Theological Seminary had specialized needs for the new residence hall that was designed for its campus. Calian Hall provides 48 rooms and a number of common living, study and social areas. Read More

Calian Hall’s design achieved the goal of developing a residence facility that was appropriate for the Seminary’s post-graduate students. VEBH worked very carefully with the Seminary to define the program for this project in terms of room sizes and amenities in each residence space, and additional amenities in the common areas of the building. The design considered the need of the Seminary to utilize a portion of the residence facility for overnight guest rooms as part of a long-range plan to support a Continuing Education and Conference Center.

Calian Hall was the first new building completed on the campus in more than three decades. This project was developed as a result of a series of facility studies and the development of a strategic plan for the campus to realize the vision of its Board of Trustees and administration.