Performing Arts Center

The study of fine arts on a university campus requires state of the art performance and instruction space and offers an institution the opportunity to not only support its fine arts program, but to also develop a venue where all the arts – performing, visual, musical and literary – can be shared and enjoyed.

Waynesburg University’s Goodwin Performing Arts Center is a versatile facility that serves the multiple needs of the campus and the Waynesburg community. It hosts a variety of performances and functions. It is a flexible educational facility and a prominent, modern structure on the Waynesburg campus. Read More

The Performing Arts Center is one of the focal points of the campus. It occupies a very strategic location, forming the western wall of the campus’s open quadrangle. The exterior of the building provides a visual transition from the historic campus buildings to imply a modern architype. Building materials were selected to closely match or compliment the adjacent structures. The high pitched roof imitates the slate mansard roof of Miller Hall and the University President’s home, located to the rear of the Performing Arts Center.

The core of the Performing Arts Center is its 250-seat performance space. The geometric shape of the space influences the wonderful acoustics of the room. The lighting design adds warmth by accenting the earthy color scheme of the walls, seating and stage.

The building is the home for the Drama Department and supports small and large scale presentations, instrumental and vocal productions, readings, lectures, and movies. The total facility includes a functional lobby, classroom, drama department offices, and the production support spaces of a scene shop and dressing rooms.

The facility is equipped with state-of-the-art, modular electronic light dimming and sound systems. It has also been wired for television production capabilities and for campus-wide and local community access programming. The stage features dead hung rigging to create a verstile performance space. Oversized doors provide access to the stage through the scene shop. Storage space in provided adjacent to the stage and scene shop.