Virtually every campus of higher learning has its architectural icon. But for those institutions with a church affiliation, there can be no more appropriate an icon than a steeple.

At Waynesburg University the steeple of the Roberts Chapel and its cross is the highest structure on the campus. It is visible from across the campus and across the valley that cradles the Waynesburg community. Read More

The traditional architectural style of the Chapel is comfortably compatible with the existing architectural vocabulary of the historic campus. The design followed the vision of the University’s leadership and its primary donor.

Within its traditional outward framework, the new building embraces 21st century function. A contemporary media system with an integrated video projection and state-of-the-art sound systems are integral to the computerized design of the building’s superior acoustic quality. Other modern, sustainable design elements included lighting systems that feature LED fixtures, including the chandeliers that illuminate the Sanctuary. The HVAC system features a contemporary, computerized ice storage system to cool the Chapel in an energy efficient manner.