Residential Hospice

The design for our community’s first-of-its-kind hospice care facility succeeded with a refreshing architectural design solution that created a building and an environment that provides tranquility for patients and families during a difficult time.

Donnell House is a residential hospice developed by The Washington Hospital. It was the first free-standing hospice facility designed and built in Western Pennsylvania. Read More

Based upon the style of a traditional English country home, a rustic façade and landscaped gardens create a restful environment and provide patients and their families with a calming home away from home during hospice and palliative care. The architectural theme was developed with our client and was embraced as a means to provide a restful atmosphere for hospice care. The design was a critically important method to gently integrate this unique and deceptively large healthcare facility into the residential neighborhood within a few blocks of the Hospital.

The true size of Donnell House is concealed in part by the building’s architectural style and by a creative solution of nesting the building into the slope of the triangular shaped site. Two distinct facades, a three-story public side with a main entrance and service entrance at the low end of the site, and a two-story patient side on the high side of the slope provide two different views of the building and a residential appearance for its closest neighbors.

A private garden provides a buffer from the neighborhood and frames the upper / patient side of Donnell House. The garden can only be accessed from the building’s second level through private patios from each patient room. Eight patient rooms each have a discreet medical infrastructure. The arrangement of interior space dedicates the second floor to patients and families, providing them with privacy and separation from the hospice organization’s offices and meeting rooms on the first and third levels. Also on the second floor and close to patients are family-friendly and supportive living, dining, and reflective spaces that include a chapel and several private family consultation rooms.

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