Outpatient Testing

Today, many outpatient services are delivered within a Hospital. Good design shortens the path to such services by creating obvious paths to services that are consolidated and relocated close to the main entrance. Improvements to lobbies and other patient-friendly services offer Hospitals a chance to create a favorable impression for new outpatient visitors to their main facility.

Patients and visitors to Heritage Valley Beaver are greeted with a generously sized lobby that was created by various design elements included in a series of renovation projects for the Lobby, Gift Shop, Snack Bar, and the Registration and Outpatient Testing suite. In the lobby, a full-height, curving glass wall, an intricate terrazzo floor pattern of concentric circles and radial lines, ceiling bulkheads and lighting that reflect the floor lines are the dominant features of the design. Read More

The flow of the design elements helps to direct the movement of visitors to outpatient services or the Hospital’s primary corridor and patient room towers.

The use of glass panel partitions was continued within the Registration and Outpatient Testing Suite where a carefully organized space allows for the medical staff to efficiently monitor and serve and patients while providing a sound barrier to address privacy and comfort.