Outpatient Facilities

When the caring arms of healthcare providers reach out to their communities, it comes in many forms.  It can be a physician’s office, a single-service care facility, comprehensive diagnostics center, a surgery center, and today, large outpatient centers that mirrors a retail mall in providing one-stop service for a range of medical services. VEBH works with our clients to design outpatient facilities that allow our clients to provide the highest professional and comprehensive care at many levels and in all types of locations.

A convenient location is only the beginning to a successful outpatient experience.   The services within a facility, the layout and arrangement of services, amenities such as a coffee stand and wifi service, or simply the ease in which a patient can navigate his way to his doctor are all important.

With our extensive experience in healthcare, our design opportunities have included unique facilities that offer specialty service to provide care to patients with special needs.  We have designed hospice facilities, daycare for medically fragile children and special residential facilities for patients undergoing care while transitioning back to normal life in our communities.