Lobby / Conference Center

Design that promotes a reassuring, healing environment starts at a Hospital’s front door by greeting patients, their families and friends with a warm, assuring welcome.

‘Hospitality’ was the defining theme for the renovation of St. Clair Hospital’s lobby and conference center. Groups of small seating areas provide compartmentalized seating that offer an element of privacy for individuals, small groups, or families. Some seating areas have a designated purpose, such as overflow seating for the café or for discharged patients awaiting pick-up. Read More

Adjacent to the Hospital’s fourth floor lobby is the Dunlap Conference Center which offers versatile meeting rooms with full media capabilities. The design allows the Center to be used as one large space, or divided into three separate meeting rooms.

The Hospital’s first floor and Professional Office Building lobby were renovated as a second phase of improvements and to continue the décor and finishes that were so successful in revitalizing the fourth floor lobby. This project included an addition for a new vestibule and a new façade that provides a covered drop-off area.