How We Work

We are passionate about the work we do.  We are committed to creating great places that promote healing, inspire learning, unite, motivate, serve and ultimately enrich our region and the communities in and around the places we call home.

We believe that architecture is both an art and a discipline requiring problem solving to create facilities that succeed for our clients on multiple levels.  Our designs address complex issues with expertise and offer aesthetic solutions with sensitivity, imagination and fiscal responsibility.

Focusing on Client Needs

We look for uniqueness in our work.  We believe that each client and each project is composed of a unique set of values and variables that when considered holistically, present opportunities to form positive architectural expressions while resolving specific requirements and goals.  Success for our clients has always been achieved through a collaborative delivery of experience.  We listen.  We involve our clients.  We discuss.  We respond.  We succeed.

Long-Term Partnerships

We value our client relationships and consider ourselves a trusted partner and confidant.  We continually strive to nurture these ongoing relationships by listening to what our clients are telling us, observing and learning from our designs long after they are built.  Working together with building owners, we uncover the right solution that addresses both short term needs and long term goals of function, sustainability, aesthetics, and economics.

Sustainable Design

As a firm, we are committed to implementing sustainable design throughout our practice.  Our firm’s staff of architects and designers includes LEEDTM-accredited professionals who are trained in the important aspects of green design.

Sustainable design is found in each of our projects regardless of the pursuit of any accreditation or special recognition.

With each project, we seek sustainable solutions as a matter of our standard design practices.  We analyze options, develop strategies and build consensus to create truly healthy, high-performance environments with a goal to first and foremost reduce operational and maintenance expenses for our client over time and to maximize their capital investment.